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7 Puspa - 1 pack

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Crafted with a unique blend of 7 flowers and natural mood boosting botanicals, 7 Puspa is designed to cleanse and invigorate both your skin and spirit introducing a holistic approach to your skincare and well-being.


- Detox
- Remove body odour
- Remove dirt and dead skin

One pack is 50g

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Pour powder into a mixing bowl.

Add 6 to 8 tablespoons of water and stir well.

Apply and scrub onto skin as desired before washing off.

Our Rejuvenating Lulur recipe is made out of glutinous rice, rice, lime leaf (Kaffir leaf), centella asiatica, pandan leaf, white turmeric, red ginger, red rose flower, magnolia flower (white), jasmine flower, lotus flower, tuberose flower, frangipani and hibiscus flower.

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