Rejuvenating Lulur

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Rejuvenating Lulur - 4 Pack set

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Our unique blend of herbs and spices inspired by the original ingredients used in Javanese Lulur eliminates dead skin cells, smoothen skin and reduces marks and old scars. 

- Remove dirt and dead skin
- Anti-inflammatory 
- Clear skin from acne 
- Reduces marks and old scars
- Make cellulite less noticeable

Get your Rejuvenating Lulur in sets of 4 packs. One pack is 50g. 

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Pour powder into a mixing bowl.

Add 6 to 8 tablespoons of water and stir well.

Apply and scrub onto skin as desired before washing off.

Our Rejuvenating Lulur is made out of glutinous rice, rice, white turmeric, red ginger, pandan leaf, lime leaf, and centella asiatica.

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Javanese Lulur is a royal ritual that originally began in the palaces of Yogyakarta (on the island of Java, Indonesia) around the 17th century. Prospective royal brides used to complete the ritual every day, for 40 days, to prepare the skin for the big wedding night. But what was once an exclusive privilege of royalty, is now offered in various spas throughout Asia and some European countries.

The herbs, spices, and minerals used in the paste were all created for the benefit of the royal families back then. The blends of the paste also varied according to local traditions and preferences. At Tresna, we have created our own beneficial version for the scrub, taking inspiration from the original ingredients used.