Autentik Palate Gift Set

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Autentik Palate Gift Set

  • $88.00

Tis the season of giving by gifting the gift of health and wellness to your loved ones. The gift set includes:

- 1 litre JAMU range of your choice

- 1 tote bag

- 1 shotglass

- 4 packs of Rejuvenating Lulur

- 1 Kamisah Oil

- 1 giftcard


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Select the JAMU range of your choice from the options below:

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Our Gift set now comes with a pre-packed option. This season's gift set is packed and ready for the Christmas spirit. 

You can select your choice of JAMU (1 litre) 

Our women contains a combination of turmeric, fingerroot, nutmeg, tamarind, red ginger, quercus infectoria, parameriae cortex, guazumae folium, curcumae domestica, foeni graeci semen, amomi fructus, betel leaf, black pepper, and palm sugar. 

Our fertility contains a combination of turmeric, fingerroot, aromatic ginger, tamarind, red ginger, quercus infectoria, parameriae cortex, centella asiatic, euphorbia hirta, polyscias scutellaria, and palm sugar. 

For best results, we recommend couples to consistently consume JAMU for Fertility (woman) and your partner to consume our JAMU For the Gentlemen's range.

Our gentlemen contains Curmuma zanthorrhiza (Javanese ginger), Red Ginger, Palm Sugar, Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat ali), Fingerroot, Tamarind, and Tumeric. 

Our Glu Shot range is a turmeric based jamu that is brewed with other ingredients such as papaya seed, cat whiskers herb (Orthosiphone Aristatus) and akar cerita (Andrographis paniculata) that are traditionally known to boost the antioxidants power to help reduce blood glucose level.