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Thanks for taking the time to visit our FAQ page!

We’ve collected a list of some of our community’s most frequently asked questions to help customers learn about jamu, our jamu subscription model as well as other Autentik Palate's products and how to get the most out of their experience.

Read below to find out more:

1. Purchase & Delivery Options


1.1 How do I order JAMU by Dana Safia?

You can make your JAMU by Dana Safia order through the Shop Jamu page of Autentik Palate website.


1.2 How much does delivery cost?

We only deliver in Singapore and our delivery fees for individual orders are $10 per online order. However, our subscription model delivery fees are $20 for 3 months subscription and $30 for 6 months subscription respectively. JAMU by Dana Safia cannot be delivered overseas at this stage.

Only our Tresna Body and Skincare lulur products are available for shipping in Singapore and overseas. International shipping rates apply and will be displayed at checkout.


1.3 How does the JAMU subscription model work?

We currently offer our customers the chance to subscribe to monthly jamu deliveries for 3 months (delivery fee: $20) and 6 months (delivery fee: $30). Finish your jamu before the month is up?

Email us at hello@autentikpalate.com or WhatsApp us at +65 8127 5187 to organise delivery of a replacement bottle.


2. Jamu ingredients & Benefits


2.1 What are the ingredients?

Each bottle of JAMU by Dana Safia is produced using high quality ingredients sourced directly from our suppliers.

Our women's recipe contains a combination of turmeric, fingerroot, nutmeg, tamarind, red ginger, quercus infectoria, parameriae cortex, guazumae folium, curcumae domestica, foeni graeci semen, amomi fructus, betel leaf, black pepper, and palm sugar.

Our fertility's recipe contains a combination of turmeric, fingerroot, aromatic ginger, tamarind, red ginger, quercus infectoria, parameriae cortex, centella asiatic, euphorbia hirta, polyscias scutellaria, and palm sugar. 

Our men’s recipe contains 3 different types of ginger - Javanese ginger, red ginger and Chinese ginger - fenugreek, cardamom, betel leaf and black pepper.

Our Glu Shot recipe contains a combination of turmeric, fingerroot, tamarind, red ginger, javanese ginger, kaemperia galanga, andrographis paniculata, papaya seed, orthosuphone aristatus and palm sugar.


2.2 What does your JAMU recipe taste like?

For regular jamu drinkers, the taste of the ingredients in our recipe will feel very familiar. Those drinking jamu for the first time may notice a slight bitterness/herbal quality to the drink. Either way, when served chilled in the correct dosage, jamu is a refreshing addition to your morning or afternoon routine, and is a taste that is quickly acquired by anyone’s palate!


2.3 What are the benefits of drinking JAMU?

JAMU by Dana Safia is brewed with ingredients that are proven to improve cognitive function, prevent inflammation and boost your immune system. Regular Jamu drinkers also report improvements with digestion and a boost in vitality thanks to the recipe’s anti-oxidant properties.


2.4 How long should my JAMU bottle last?

Our 1 litre bottles should last between 3 to 4 weeks, and our 500ml bottle should last between 1 to 2 weeks.


2.5 How much JAMU should I drink per day?

Our recommended dosage is 60ml to 80ml per day. 


2.6 Do you sell shot glasses with your JAMU bottle?

Yes. You can add a shotglass to your order for just $2.50.

3. Female Health & Pregnancy


3.1 When is it safe to start drinking JAMU?

We strongly recommend consuming JAMU by Dana Safia from puberty onwards.


3.2 Can I drink JAMU during menstruation?

Although jamu can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, we do not recommend consuming JAMU by Dana Safia during menstruation.


3.3 Is it safe for women who are trying to conceive to drink JAMU?

Our fertility range is recommended for women trying to conceive.


3.4 Can I still drink JAMU when pregnant?

We do not recommend jamu and any other herbal medicines from your daily routine altogether when pregnant - studies have shown that mothers who consume herbal medicines during pregnancy are 7 times more likely to give birth to a baby with asphyxia.


3.5 Can I start drinking JAMU again after I have given birth?

Yes. Consuming JAMU regularly after childbirth helps to facilitate breastfeeding, body recovery after childbirth, and cleansing of the blood and womb. It aids in weight loss & general wellbeing.


3.6 Do I need to drink lots of water after drinking JAMU?

Staying hydrated is an essential component of overall health, so we recommend that all jamu customers maintain a regular fluid intake for best results with our product.


3.7 Does JAMU by Dana Safia help with weight loss?

Our JAMU recipe contains ingredients such as nutmeg, tamarind, red ginger, cardamon and pipers folium, all of which can help to boost your metabolism and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, JAMU by Dana Safia can help to create optimal conditions for weight loss.


3.8 Can JAMU cause allergic reactions?

Consuming excessive quantities of some of our Jamu recipe’s active ingredients - specifically, turmeric and ginger - can cause unpleasant side effects to many people. We strongly advise that our customers stick to our daily recommended dosage of 60-80ml, and consult a medical professional before trying JAMU by Dana Safia if you have a sensitivity or allergy to any of our ingredients (documented above in the Ingredients & Benefits section).

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